Hiking Alagalla to Poojagala

Year and Month 2016 January 23
Number of Days One
Crew 5 (between 25-35 years of age)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Public Transport (Bus / Train )
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking
Weather Windy at the top. Sunny during the day
Route Mawanella -> Pilimathalawa -> Poththapitiya -> Tea factory road -> Alagalla -> Poojagala -> Gangoda -> Kadugannawa -> Return to Home
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • It’s better if you can carry a stock of water for usual needs. At least 2 Liters for single person
  • Avoid rainy days for hiking
  • Better to take a rope (30 Mtrs)
  • Wear suitable attire for trekking & hiking
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Author Ramzy

Last year (2015) our team did a hike to Alagalla with a overnight camping. We were able to hike only a part of the Alagalla mountain range. So we decided to hike this mountain another day with a proper plan. Some days later I saw a video on youtube on ‘Alagalla’ which is a documentary done by ITN TV Channel. This gave me some idea about entire Alagalla range.

The map - click to enlarge

Hiking Alagalla can be done in three routes/paths;

  1. [Train] Ihalakotte –>Poththapitiya(2km Walk) –> Alagalla (2-3 km hike)
  2. [Train] Gangoda –> Poojagala (1-2 Km hike) –>Alagalla (1km hike)
  3. [Bus] Pothtapitiya –> Alagalla (2-3 km hike)

We adopted the the 3rd option as it is best suiting for us.

With our previous experience we designed a proper plan for the trip. We all gathered at Pilimathalawa at 7 am and had our Breakfast there. Then we got in to a Kandy-poththapitiya bus and reached Poththapitiya around 8:30 am. Several route buses are working in this route.

At Poththapitiya there is a road by the left of the Bus stand which is the road heading to Alagalla mountain. If you followed this road you can reach the Alagalla trail head. You ask direction from Locals they will guide on this.

In 100m on this path there is a tea factory and we should take the right side road. After walking 1km (approximately) from tea Factory, we reached the Tank located in the Estates. This is the last place to get water. Walking up another 1km from this place you’ll reach the trail head. With our previous experience we reached there within 30 minutes.

Hiking Alagalla Half the way
The Team The Potato Rock
Sinha Kata .

Climbing the rock is a risky task. When climbing through this ‘Sinha kata’, an extreme care/confidence required. Working as team is much needed.

Please watch the climbing video

Top of Alagalla Train Arriving Ihala kotte-zoomed
. .
. .
The Team .
. Top of Alagalla
From the top .
The Range .

Our next target is to reach Poojagala. To reach Poojagala we have to go through the ‘Katusu Kondha’. It’s little hard as it’s name. A 30 m rope will be helpful for descending this.

Team - top of Katusu Kondha Descending With rope
Katusu Konda .

After successfully descending the Katusu kondha we entered to the forest path. We observed several camping sites in side this forest. There are leeches in this path.

. .
. In the forest path
Reached Poojagala Work in progress
Siri pathula at Poojagala- .
. .
Good viewing point Some visitors
Train from Colombo .
. Hatharaliyadhdha town

The Chaythya is in construction at the top of the Poojagala. Yo can get water from this place. There is a tank at the top. Water is used for drinking also for construction works. There is a pipeline from Gangoda to Poojagala. Also there are concreted steps to go to Gangoda.

. .
. A Cave at the bottom of Poojagala


We reached Gangoda station at around 3 pm. There is a train at 2:45 pm to Kandy. Luckily the train was late and it came to the station at around 3:15 pm. We got in the train and got down at Kadugannawa.

Thank you for reading!


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