Adventurous Trip to Alagalla & Dekinda Falls

Year and Month January, 2015
Number of Days Two Day Trip
Crew 7 (between 25-30 years of age)
Accommodation Camping
Transport Public Transport and a three-wheel ride
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking, BBQ & Waterfall hunting
Weather Windy at the top. Sunny during the day
Route Daskara(1.45pm) -> Pilimathalawa(2.12pm) -> Poththapitiya (3.30pm) -> Alagalla (5.30pm) -> Return on the Same route
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • It’s better if you can carry a stock of water for usual needs. At least 2 Litres for single person
  • Avoid rainy days for hiking
  • Carry things like rope, Knifes, Axes
  • Make sure you have proper lighting arrangements
Author Ramzy

We started from Daskara at about 1:30pm after having the Lunch at home. The crew was 7 people. Before we started we checked the necessary items and carries which are required for the trip and completed the things as per the check list.

The Budget + Check List + Schedule

After completing the check list took some valuable time of us. As we were too late, we took 2 three wheelers to go Pilimathalawa. We reached there at around 2:15pm. We bought some required item from the town and waited for the Poththapitiya bus.

It took a long time to get a bus and we decided to got to the destination by three wheelers. (500/- per three wheeler). We reached the Poththapitiya town by 3.30pm

From this town, we travelled through the Tea factory road. As we were travelling for the first time we took the villagers’ help to find the exact path for allagalla.

Alagalla seen from Tea Factory

After walking 1km (approximately) from tea Factory, we reached the Tank located in the Estates. This is the last place to get water. We had a small rest and got refreshed top of the tank and did the Prayers.

The Tank – Resting Place

Then we walked through the tea estate route and took left road at the T junction which ended in the jungle which is around 500M from the T Junction.

Tea Estate

We entered in to the jungle with necessary leech protection and started the hiking mountain. This stage of the hike is little difficult as the slope is high. It’ll be difficult to pass this stage during rainy days.

We took some rest in frequently at several places.

Soo Tired Face tells Everything

After passing the jungle we reached the area with ‘Maana’.

Through Mana Plot

Around 5:30 pm we reached the Lower end of the Mountain and had some rest

At lower end Rock

Then we walked through the ‘Mana’ to reach the top ( Potato rocks).

Some of our crew members climbed to the top and had the ultimate advanture experience they ever had in their life.

Climbing to the top They achieved it

At their own risk

I do not recommend this area to climb the rock. the other side of the mountain can be reached through the alternative path through the jungle as per my observation.

this excersice consumed around 30 minutes and the time was 6 pm. As it was getting dark we planned to find a suitable place to camp in the night.So we got back to the lower part again and cleared some mana to fix out tent.

They achieved it We camped here

Later, We realized the area we selected was wrong as wind hits directly to our tent location but we had no option. With the support of all we managed to fix the tent challenging the winds. it took more than 2 hours to complete this work.

At the same time two of my friends did preparation for BBQ. We brought a BBQ grill with us. We spent our time on this and had a little entertainment as well. Be cautious when you deal with fire on the top as you are surrounded by manaa bushes.

BBQ party Sausages for the breakfast

it took more than 3 hours for this task as wind conditions were high at the top.At around 11.30 pm we got in to the tent for the sleep.

The next day morning we got up at 5.30am and did prayers on the rock. Sunrise was seen at 6am and took some photographs. We spent some time in the same place by viewing the surrounding areas. Ihala kotte railway station, Uthuwankanda can be seen clearly from this location.

Sun is behind me Moon is on his hand
All are visible with Binoculars Sunrise
Kadugannawa side MAwanella – Uthuwan kanda side
Our Team Sun rise – another view
Ihala kotte Bottom part of the rock
Camp site viewed from top Ala-galla – potato rock

After viewing the scenic beauty we had our breakfast around 8.00am and decided to get down from the rock. We packed up all the items and cleared the place. All wastes were packed up in to bag.

Ready to get down

We were able to reach the bottom around 9.00am and our next target was Dekinda falls which is located between Poththapitiya and Ihalakotte.

We asked for the direction from the villagers and walked through the road which is heading to ihalakotte from the Tea factory.

View from the Tea Estates View from the Ihala kotte road

We travelled around 1 km to reach the Dekinda falls. We were able see the falls from the top only. Our team was too tired and we decided to end the trip at this point.

Dekinda falls (30m) top-bottom view

After viewing the falls we returned back to Poththapitiya town. From there we got into a Kandy bus which to go to Pilimathalawa. We got down from Pilimathalawa and took bus to Daulagala. by 12.30 we were able to reach our homes.



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