Family Trip to Hunnas falls(Lower) & Sembuwaththa Lake

Year and Month 2015 January 2nd
Number of Days One
Crew Family (11 including Kids)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Van
Activities Scenery / Photography
Weather Cloudy
Route Mawanella -> Peradeniya -> Katugasthota -> Madawala -> Waththegama -> Elkaduwa -> Hunnas Falls -> Sembuwaththa Lake -> Elkaduwa -> Back to Home in the same route
Tips, Notes and Special remark
    • Tickets
      1. Hunnas falls – 100/- per person
      2. Sembuwaththa Lake – 200/- per person
    • Bath/swim in the Lake is prohibited.
    • No shops/Cafeteria in side the Sembuwaththa premises.
    • Boat Ride (Maximum 8 per ride)
      1. Locals -1000/- per ride
      2. Foreigners 4000/- per ride
Author Ramzy

Sembuwaththa lake and Hunnas falls are popular places for a day visit. This is close to Elakaduwa a small town in the Matale District where the famous Hunnas falls Hotel located.


There are several routes the reach Elkaduwa. We went through the Katugasthota-Waththegama route and took the Ekladuwa road from Waththegama. After travelling around 9 kms there is a road to the right side which goes to Hunnas falls Hotel. Hunnas waterfalls is

Located at 1 km at this road. To reach Sembuwaththa we should come back to the junction again and travel passing the Elkaduwa and travel around 5 kms. There is a road to the right side and must travel around 4 kms.

Hunnas Falls (Lower)

This is the Waterfall located below the Hunnas lake/Hunnas falls Hotel. This is maintained by Estate workers Housing Co-operative society of Hunnasgiriya Estate. There is a Leisure park with Natural pool / Summer Huts etc.

Map - Click to enlarge


Its our family trip and we reached the Hunnas falls by 10:30 am. The falls located 100meters away from the road. It was a rainy season and there were quite a lot of leeches on the path and also slippery.

. Hunnas Falls
. .
Determined! Hopes
. Full view
. .
pool Well Maintained

Hunnas lake visible

Sembuwaththa Lake

Sembuwaththa is most popular amoung the people in the central region as a family day out location. There are options available for visitors to spend the day!

  1. Beautiful views in the Lake
  2. Boat ride
  3. Natural pool
  4. Kids play area
  5. Cottages & Summer huts
  6. Walking trail around the lake
  7. Night outs

“Sembuwatta, a paradise like location which is a lake of natural spring water, serves as one of the major attractions of the hill country. It is set amongst the sprawling tea gardens, and reflects the environment at its most magnificent. Towering from the lake are the beautiful green mountains with a thick pines forest where you can take time to climb up. Beside the lake, there is a pool with natural spring water, there are summer huts and cottages around this magnificent lake …

The mass expanse of deep blue waters, complete with misty mountains and tea gardens, create an atmospheric scene and the perfect place to lose yourself in your own thoughts and envision the remarkable things you’ve seen on your travels through Sri Lanka. This is a popular location for shooting films and telegrams.” –

This is a project managed by Estate workers Housing Co-operative society of Elkaduwa Estate.

Map - click to enlarge

Ticket - click to enlarge

Road to Sembuwaththa is narrow and not in good condition. Some parts of the road is concreted. The ticket counter/office is located near Elkaduwa tea factory. We can drive up to the lake and there is a parking area near by lake.

The Lake View from Parking area
. .
Beautiful Landscapes .
. .
A Boat ride .
. .
Summer Huts .
. The Parking area view from the opposite side
Some Photography .
. .
. .
. .
The Natural Pool The are excited!
. Enjoy
Lake view from the pool .
The Hut Cottage
. .
. The are at work
Walk around the lake .

Thank you.



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