Hike to Balumgala and visit to nearby Attractions

Year and Month 2015 November 25
Number of Days 2
Crew 2 (Myself & Minhaj)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Motor Bike
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking & Waterfall hunting
Weather Windy at the top. Sunny during the day
Route Mawanella -> Kadugannawa -> Balumgala -> Kadugannawa -> Balana Fort -> Poththapitiya -> Dekinda Falls -> Back to Home via Kadugannawa
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  1. Carry water bottles
  2. Avoid rainy days for hiking & visit Waterfall
  3. Wear leech protection
  4. Follow the footpaths
Author Ramzy

Trip Highlights

  1. Balumgala Hike
  2. Balana Fort
  3. Dekinda Falls

It was my long waited dream to visit Balumgala. It was planned in a short time and we started at 11:30 from Mawanella.


This is the Rock located at the Kadugannawa Gap. The Rock is clearly visible from the Pahala Kadugannawa General viewing point.

We completed difficult & memorable trip with lot of happy memories.

. .

We can view entire Kadugannwa valley From Balumgala rock and it gives a unforgettable experience.

The Route to the rock is very simple. You have to travel along the Kadugannawa – Gampola road about 1 Km and there is a road to right which ends at Telcom Towers. Access to Balumgala from Telecom presmises is restricted. Therefore we must take the footpath from the tea estate just before the telecom presmises.

The path is given in the below map;

The path is given in Green

There is another small rock in this road as shown in the map above. Most people are misguided and visit this place believing this as Balumgala.

Small Rock just before Balumgala The view from the rock- The Balumgala is in the Left
Kadugannawa railway Tunnel .

There is a private road at the place where this rock is located. To reach the Balumgala, we have to take this road (100 M) at the end of the road there is a tea estate. You can find a footpath through this estate which will lead you to the Balumgala.

Path Mount Alagalla
Balumgala- First look We achieved it
The Plains Pahala Kadugannawa-General Viewing point
The opposite side- Dawson Tower is visble .
Kabaragala Zoomed Uthuwankanda
Rainco Kadugannawa Factory Can you see a straight line? – May be a road in the old times?
Travellers Dewanagala with Bathalegala
. .
. Full view

The First rock - View from the Balumgala

We spent around nearly 1 hour in the Balumgala rock and decided to go to our next destination which is the Balana Fort.

Balana Fort

Balana fort was used as a observing point of enemy movements during the Kandyan Kingdom. The details of the location given in the Name board as below;

. The History - Click to enlarge

To reach this place we must travel around 6 km in the Kadugannawa – Poththapitiya road and Balana Road. the sign name boards will guide you in the correct route.

at one point you’ll see above boards at a Tea plantation estate.

Balana Fort – First look .
. .

Dekinda Falls

I was unable to visit Dekinda falls during my trip to Algalla. Therefore I had an eager to visit this waterfall.

Dekinda falls is located in near the Poththapitiya. There is a cement road to the left at poththapitiya town (near the Bo Tree). if you travel 2 Km on this road you can reach the waterfall.

Waterfall from the top .
Full view Dekinda Falls

There is a forest path to reach the bottom part of the falls.

Lower part

Details of this waterfall is given in in the link.

We completed the trip at around 3:30 pm and reached home at 4:30 pm


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