Hike to Hunnasgiriya Mountain (1514 m) and near by Attractions

Year and Month 2015 February 22
Number of Days 01
Crew 9 (Aged 25-35)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Motor Bikes
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking, Waterfall Hunting
Weather Cloudy
Route Mawanella -> Peradeniya -> Katugasthota -> Madawala -> Panwila -> Hatale Mini Worlds End -> Hunnas Mountain -> Madulkele -> Huluganga -> Alakola Estate -> Back to Home via Panwila
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • Carry water bottles
  • Avoid rainy days for hiking
  • Follow the footpaths.
  • Ask directions from locals
Author Ramzy

The Hunnasgiriya Mountain is the Highest mountain in the area and an attractive hiking location. It is also identified as a special biodiversity location.

There are two paths to hike Hunnasgiriya Mountain peak.

  1. From Panwila -Path is much clear – Easy trail – Guide not required
  2. From Elkaduwa – Path is not clear – Difficult trail – Guide is required.

Hiking the mountain from panwila is recommended as we can travel 80% of the trail by the Vehicle and also can visit Hatale Mini worlds end.

The Map - click to enlarge

Trip Highlights

  1. Hatale Mini World’s End
  2. Hunnasgiriya Peak
  3. Huluganga Ella
  4. Alakola Ella

We all gathered at Peradeniya and started our trip with 5 Motor bikes. We had our breakfast at Madawala and reached Panwila around 8:30 am.

After passing the Panwila Filling station there is a road to left with the name boards which is the road to go to Hunnasgiriya mountain range.

. .
Just below the Mini Worlds end Road condition
Madulkele Tea Resort The cottages
Knuckles Mountain At a view point
Hatale Tea Garden .
The Hunnas peak Hatale Mini Worlds End
View of Victoria The Team


Mini world’s end is a good viewing point. The Entire knuckles area can be seen from here.

After viewing the beautiful scenaries, we traveled up to the trail head which starts at the corner of the Hunnasgiriya Tea estate as shown in the map. Riding through beautiful tea estates gives a wonderful experience. We parked our bike at the centre of the tea estate and started the trail.

Peak seen from the estate- Trail head is on the right upper side

After entering the forest path we went around 300 meters in the path and came across a small stream. There is a waterfall at the bottom part of the stream.

Directions Along the stream
. .
. The Waterfall- Low water levels
. Nice views


Walking in the forest patch is not much difficult. Its almost a flat terrain with clear footpaths.

. .
. Some photography
. .
Near the peak Final stretch
At the peak Wild berries at peak
. Unique
Kandy view .
Knuckles view .
. .
Waththegama Sripada
Victoria full view Colors
. .
Shaheen Falcon Mountain near Hunnas falls Hotel Peak views
. .
. Shadows
Place where we started .
Peak .
Clear path .
Looks different .
. Water source
Returning .
. Our Parking
. Knuckles
Returning back A lake on the way

We used a Madulkele route to return as we wanted to travel Huluganga. This is a decent route some parts of the are concreted. This joins the Panwila road and we have to take the Bambarella road to reach Huluganga. Huluganga ella is located at the centre od the town. There is a viewing desk as well.

Huluganga ella .
Hydro Project Alakola Estate Road
. .
Alakola Ella Knuckles Again

Alakola ella located 3 km away from the Huluganga town. There is a separate road. We couldn’t go near the falls as we ran out of time.

Its was a great tour at the end and everybody enjoyed well.

Thanks for reading.



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