Hike to Wawlagala and Waterfalls on the way

Year and Month 2015 November 22
Number of Days One Day Trip
Crew 5 (between 25-30 years of age)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Motor Bikes
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking & Waterfall hunting
Weather Windy at the top. Rainy in the Evening
Route Daskara -> Nawalapitiya -> Seaforth via Balanthota -> Wawlagala -> Parussella-Panapitiya Road -> Bulathkohupitiya -> Dedugala -> Dolasbage -> Gampola
Tips, Notes and Special remark
    • Carry water bottles
    • Avoid rainy days for hiking (Not recommended as wawlagala is popular for lightning & thunder attacks)
    • Follow the footpaths. Do not try unknown paths as there are many Gem pits.
    • There are Leeches, be ready to tackle them
Author Ramzy

Trip Highlights – Attractions in the Area

  1. Wawlagala Hike
  2. Olu Falls
  3. Gorok Falls
  4. Malalpola Falls
  5. Kithul Ella
  6. Wee Oya Falls
  7. Rikilla Falls
  8. Nalangana Falls
  9. Rukmal Falls

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I was able to watch the ‘Travel with Chathura’ TV show on Derana TV. This show motivated me to do the Wawlagala Hike.

Link Wawlagala

We Started the journey at 7 am and reached Nawalapitiya by 8 am. We had Breakfast at Nawalapitiya and came along the Nawalapitiya Ginigathena road around 5 Km. Just before the Balanthota there is a road to the right which is heading to Seaforth (17 Km). You have to have a 4 x 4 Vehicle to go in this road for first 12 KM.

Scenic road Journey The Kabaragala Mountain
Condition of the road Streams

The Team excluding me

Around 10am we reached seaforth and there was a 1 hour delay due to a repair in one of our bikes.

After that around 11 am We started to get route information on Wawlagala.

A Person from the area guided us to reach the Dombepola village from where we have to start the Hike.

There are multiple routes to do the Wawlagala hike. But the Hiking from the the Dombepola is the easiest as per the villagers.

Bandara Ayya’s House – Land mark

The above house is a main land mark for to find the Path. The road ends with this house. You should go up through the steps and there is a small foot path to the right in 20 – 30 Meters which will take through a tea estate.

Take Right

There is a pink colored house after this place and walk along the stated path and finally you’ll reach a small house on the top. This is a house located in the top and follow the path in front of this house. this path goes directly to the top of Wawlagala.

We achieved it The Plains
Wewalthalawa Plateau is at the background Yatiyanthota View
The Opposite side Olu falls Upper part- Not visible to the roads
Dedugala-Dolasbage View Some Photography

It’s started to rain when we are on the top of the rock. Villagers warned us to not to stay there if it is raining. so we packed up and reached the house on the top. The person in the house helped us a lot. we stayed around 30 minutes till the rain stops.

The sudden rain created some waterfalls on the mountains.

Seasonal Falls Mountain on the range
Olu falls full view- upper part Olu Falls


We reached the place where we parked our bikes and returned back to the Main road. We experienced a surprise on the way. The wee oya water levels went up and Bridges were fully flooded.

A New Experience

Somehow we managed to cross the bridge with the help of the three wheelers and reached the Olu falls

Olu Falls Olu Falls
Olu Falls The Wooden Bridge

After viewing the Olu falls we travelled towards Wewalthalawa plateau. on the Way we were able to see the Gorok Falls.

Gorok falls Is he resting? - On the Way

We took the road to the left at near Halgolla Tea processing centre to go to Wewalthalawa. The Security guard at the gate didn’t allow us to go to the place as we have to get permission from the Estate Manager. So we decided to proceed with other attractions skipping the Wewalthalawa.

Kithul Ella - Attaraction on the way Malalpola Falls - Attaraction on the way
Wee Oya Falls Wee Oya Falls

Wee Oya Falls is visible from the road. We didn’t try to go near the falls as we were running out of time. We travelled along the yatiyanthota road and took right from Parussella Junction to go Bulathkohupitiya. At around 3:30 pm we reached Bulathkohupitiya. Then we travelled along the Dedugala Road and able to see several waterfalls.

Rikilla Falls Rikilla Falls
Nalangana Falls Rukmal Falls
Team Rukmal Falls
Sunset Near Dolasbage Mountain range Sunset Near Dolasbage Mountain range
Sunset Near Dolasbage Mountain range Sunset Near Dolasbage Mountain range

It was 6:00 PM when we reach the Dolasbage town. We had some snacks nearby shop and it was the end of the trip. We were unable to see the Diyantri Falls and Windsor Forest Falls as it is too dark. We expect to do this another time.

Thank you.


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