Hiking Kabaragala – The Highest Peak of Dolosbage (1506 M)

Year and Month 2015 November 01 – Raxawa & Asupini Ella

2016 April 14 – Kabaragala Hike

Number of Days One
Crew 10 (between 25-35 years of age)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Motor Bikes
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking
Weather Cloudy
Route Mawanella -> Gampola -> Kurunduwathta -> Craighead -> Kabaragala -> Back via same route.
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • Carry a stock of water for usual needs at least 2 Ltrs.
  • Avoid rainy days for hiking
  • Wear suitable attire for trekking & hiking
  • Use a leech protection
Author Ramzy

Kabragala is a mountain in the Dolaosbage mountain range. It has the highest summit point in the range. We planned several times and couldn’t do the hike due to bad weather. During November 2015 We went up to Raxawa tea factory and we couln’t go beyond that. We covered the Asupini Ella on that trip. But at last we did it the Kabaragala on the New-year day.

We all gathered at Gampola and had breakfast and started the journey. From Gampola there is a road to Dolasbage through Kurunduwaththa. It is almost a 20 Km ride from Gampola to Craighead. The trail starts at Craighead.

Theppakulam Lake near Kurunduwaththa This explains the purpose.
Kabaragala at first sight Seen from Nawalapitiya-Seaforth road
Craighead estate
The Trail Map - click to enlarge

As shown in the map after passing the Craighead junction at Dolosbage road there is a small road to left. We followed this road and asked directions from locals.

Road to Dolasbage Here we started
A vintage point Grassy mountain
The full range Pahala balana gala
. The drop
Pine patch A resting point
Nawalapitiya town Entering plains
. .

Its almost a 2 km hike to the summit. There is a grassy field/plains at the summit.

At the summit-camp site The other side
Dolasbage side – near Raxagala The other rock
Can visit with Raxagala trail Raxagala seen from Kabaragala summit
End of Kabaragala Trying to reach Raxagala

There is a path from the summit to get down to the other side. But we should have ropes and all other abseiling gears do this. So we changed our idea and decided to return in the same route.

Plains .
Way back Mahawela mahaseya and Kothamale reservior
Nawalapitiya Lower view
Ura kanda? Ambuluwawa

Visit to Raxagala area

During 2015 November we were able to reach the area the below summit point of Kabaragala. To reach this place we went through Raxawa and there we followed the road to raxawa factory.

This is a scenic location.

Raxawa – way to raxagala Raxagala

We asked directions from locals to Raxagala. But they said there is a risk of being attacked by leopards and also have issue of leeches. They also mentioned the path is very difficult and not clear path to Raxagala (Saami malai in tamil they said)

Weather was so bad so we returned without doing the Raxagala trail.

On the way We visited the Asupini ella.

Top of Asipini ella The safe bathing place
Asupini Ella view From the viewing desk

There are two routes to Asupini ella. One from the Aranayaka side and other from Kurunduwaththa-Gampola side. We used the first one.

It was a wonderful trip and We returned our home by 5:30 pm.

Thanks for Reading!


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