Roaming around Kingdom of Saradiel

Year and Month 2015 February
Number of Days 1
Crew Myself, Saoodh and 5 O/L Boys (aged 16)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Public Transport and a three-wheel ride
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking, and Waterfall
Weather Sunny
  • Daskara(10:00 am) -> Gelioya (10:15pm) -> Uthuwankada Junction(11:15 am) -> Uthuwankanda/Saradiel Village (11:45 am) -> Gondiwela (1:30 am) -> Bo-Ella (2:00 am) -> Koondeniya (3:00 pm) -> Mawanella (3:30 pm) -> Brick bridge
  • Return on the Same route
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • Carry water for Drinking.
  • Avoid rainy days for hiking
  • Carry a rope to use in climbing
  • Do not try Bath/swimming in unknown places
Author Ramzy

This was an unplanned trip for me. Some Boys in the Village wanted them to be taken for a short trip. So we decided to go to Uthuwankanda and Bo-ella. We gathered at Daskara and started the trip late at around 10 am. We came to Gelioya town by 2 threewheeler (120/-/TW) and got in to a Gampola-Colombo Bus and get down at Uthuwankanda Junction

The Map

Uthuwankandha Rock is located 1KM far from the Colombo-Kandy Main Road. So we decided to put a walk to the location. It took 30 minutes to reach the place.

Uthuwankanda Rock ! Starting point. Uthuwankanda Rock !

From this place we need to take the left path which is heading to Rock. This hike to 30-45 mininutes for us and the path is not much difficult.

Easy path Rubber Extractions!
A Resting Place at top The rocky path.
Need more Resting Binocular time!

At the top there are two big rock areas. There is a Small cave like place in this place ideal for a night stay. Reaching the Second rock where the Finger type rocks located must be climbed with care. For this we need a small rope (3M).

Cave Between rocks Climbing easy

This part of the rock gives a good view to the all the places around. Be cautious and do not make sounds at the top.There are Bee nests.

Bee Nests Alagalla
Saradiel Village Kegalle Side - Colombo road can be seen
Kegalle to Mawanella Road – The Valley The Mini Rock!
. .

Fingers Taking Risk

We Spent some time and had some snacks. We decided to leave the place and everyone wanted to go to the next destination.

We reached the bottom in 15 minutes and just put check on the Saradiel Village.

The Ticket Counter Some Cement Works
Mawanella Brick Bridge

We didn’t go inside this place and we started our journey to Bo-ella. We asked for the direction from a villager and the he directed us to take the concrete road path from the temple located 200 meters away. We took the path and reached Gondiwela as shown in the map.


From Gondiwela, we hired a three wheeler to Bo-Ella (Piagio) for only 300/- for 7 people!.

Steps.. .
. The Natural Pool
. .
Moon is on his hand .

We left the place around 3pm and came back to Koondeniya junction. From there we were able to catch the Wegantale – Mawanella bus. We reached Mawanella around 3.30 and all of wanted to have a bath.

The Place near the Brick Bridge is a safe place to have a bath. We reached this place by Kiringadeniya School School road and had a bath their. at the same time had a look on the bridge as well.

Brick Bridge .
Crystal Water .

We had out lunch around 4.30 pm at this place and Went back to Mawanella town to catch the Bus to home. We Reached our homes around 6pm.


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