Trip to Wewathanna (Lake Plains)

Year and Month 2015 August 22
Number of Days One Day Trip
Crew 4 (between 25-30 years of age)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Motor Bikes
Activities Scenery, Photography
Weather Sunny
Route Peradeniya -> Katugasthota -> Digana -> Medamahanuwara -> Rajagala Road -> Wewathenna -> Medamahanuwara -> Bomure -> Medamahanuwara -> Victoria Dam -> Back to Home
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • Carry water bottles
  • Ask direction from locals
  • Do not bath/swim in the Lake
  • Follow the footpaths. Do not try unknown paths
  • Visitor time for Victoria Dam 9 am – 4 pm
Author Ramzy

Trip Highlights – Attractions

  1. Wewathenna
  2. Bomure King Rajasinghe Monument
  3. Victoria Dam

The Travel map - click to enlarge

We started the journey at 9 am and reached Medamahanuwara by 11 am. We had Breakfast at Medamahanuwara and bought some Snacks. Road to wewathenna starts after passing few meters from medamahanuwara town. There is a big name board showing the information of Bomure monument to the right side of the road. At the starting point the road divides to two directions. Upper/left road goes to Rajagala and the Lower/right road goes top Bomure.

We took Rajagala road and reached Rajagala and there we have to take the right side road.

This road goes to Wewathenna. Its always better to ask the direction from the locals. They know this place well. Also we noticed a rock bed at Rajagala assumed to be a Waterfall. But there was not water at all as we went on dry season. If anyone visiting this place better to explore this as well.

Click to enlarge

We went along the road asking direction from locals and reached the Wewathanna. Conditions of the road is bad and we managed to go with bikes.

Road to Wewathenna Scenic ride
. .
. Wewathenna – The map - click to enlarge
Plains with ruins of the bungalow .
. .
Views Victoria reservoir
Beautiful places .
. .
Type of the soil is different Road around the lake

A nature drive

After riding around the lake we went to see the beauty of the lake. We went in a dry season so the water levels are low.

Lake-Side view Crystal water
View from the middle part .
. the team
. The trail end
. .
. View from the Dam


After enjoying the beauty of the lake and plains at around 1 pm we left the place.

Im sure if the people of the area can make this place to attract people and improve their live hoods by maintaining this area properly like what the people do in Sembuwatta, matale.

Our next destination was Bomure. We came back the main raod where we started and went through the bomure road. After 1-2 km we reached the end of the road and parked the bikes.

To reach Bomure Monument we should go down through the paddy fields.

The place where the King Rajasinghe was captured

1985 – February – 18th in english

There is a resting area as well. After taking some rest we decided to move to our next attraction, which is Victoria Dam.

We travelled back to Medamahanuwara and after passing the town there is a road to Victoria Dam. When we reached the entrance the time is 3:45 pm. The gate keepers allowed us to and asked us to return by 4 pm. Because the closing time is 4 pm. We quickly looked around the area and came back as advised.

The Dam The Reservoir
. .
. On the way

After observing the area near the entrance we returned back to home. On the way we had a nice bath in Huluganga at Ouruthota.

Huluganga .
Feeling relaxed .

Thank you.


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