Visit to First Tea Plantation Field of Sri Lanka

Year and Month 22nd February, 2016
Number of Days One
Crew 4 (between 25-30 years of age)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Motor Bikes
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking
Weather Sunny
Route Peradeniya -> Galaha -> Delthota -> Loolkandura -> Kondagala -> Back to Galaha -> Nilamba -> Kalugamuwa -> Gelioya
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • It’s better if you can carry a stock of water for usual needs.
  • Avoid rainy days for hiking
  • Wear suitable attire for trekking & hiking
Author Ramzy

The Loolkandura estate was the first tea plantation estate in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) started in 1867 by Englishman James Taylor, it is situated in Kandy District.

The James Taylor Story

The James Taylor Story


  1. Ruins of James Taylors’ Cottage
  2. Hike to Kondagala
  3. James Taylors Well
  4. James Taylors Seat
  5. Field No 7 – The First tea field

We started the journey around 7:30 am and reached Delthota at 9 am. Riding through the Scenic road of Hanthana range was a nice experience.

Scenic roads Hanthana Range seen from Galaha
More scenaries Kondagala seen from Delthota road
on the way .

Loolkandura is located in 7 km from Delthota town on the Hewaheta road. This goes through tea estates and can enjoy the beauty of the valley.

The Valley The Piduruthalagala range – Upper Pussellawa
Zoomed At the Entrance
The Tickets Rock – The Land mark of Loolkandura
Rock – The Land mark of Loolkandura A Summer hut
Beautiful tea fields .
Greeny .
The Ruins of JT Cottage
. Ode to James Taylor - click to enlarge

Kondagala is the rock located just behind the JT cottage. The foot path to the rock starts at the Right corner of the JT cottage. There is a 300 meters hike to reach the top.

. The rock
Looks scary A cave - A camping spot
Final stretch. On top
To have a better view Hanthana
Views The Rock bed
Views The range
An abandoned place .
. Taking some rest
in Full The summit
Opposite side Opposite side
Need extreme care. Crazy guy
. .
JT cottage view .

.Well used by James Taylor

The James taylors seat is located little away from the JT cottage. It’s the place used by James taylor to plan the tea plantation across the the Loolkandura valley.

The Story behind the seat The Valley
. Are they to plan some thing?

A hut near the seat.

After spending some time there we decided to return loolkandura to see field no 7. On our way back to loolkandura we saw a nice pond on the way.

The Pond .


The Field no 7 is the first tea field of srilanka

The First tea field

There is a good place to have a bath at Loolkandura.

Taken from Google Street view

It was a wonderful trip and We returned our home by 4:30 pm. We used the Nillamba route to reach our home which is the shortest route to Gelioya.

Thanks for Reading!


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