Waterfall hunting – Nilamba Oya

Year and Month February, 2011
Number of Days One Day Trip
Crew 5 (Aged 24)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Motor Bikes and By Foot
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking, and Waterfall
Weather Sunny
Route Gelioya -> Kalugamuwa Mahaweli River Bridge (2 KM) -> Nilamba Oya Entry point -> Through Nilambe Oya (Exit Point near Nilambe Reservoir) -> Kandy –Doluwa Road -> Return on the Same route
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • Carry water for Drinking.
  • Make Arrangements for foods
  • Leech repellents is a must
  • Avoid rainy days
  • Carry a rope to use in climbing
  • Do not try Bath/swimming in unknown places
Author Ramzy

Nilambe is a popular place in our area due to the Natural beauty. Exploring this area was a long waited dream for me. Our School Gang initiated the idea of visting the area along Nilamba Oya.

This trail was done at during the period of February 2011.

The Map

We gathered at 9am from Gelioya Town. one of our team member joined from Kalugamuwa with required stuff for Cooking etc. We Parked our bikes in the Friend’s place and started the trail from Kalugamuwa Iron bridge.

Just Started Mahaweli River
The Iron Bridge .

My friend said there is a canoe boat service in the Mahaweli river near this bridge. If the boat is available we can easy go to the entry point where the Nilamba oya joins mahaweli river.

However on this particular boat was not available, so we decided put a walk up this entry point.

Sub road from Doluwa – Kandy Road Entry Point

There is no pathways to enter the Nilamba oya we entered through the jungle which is 300 mtrs away from Nilamba Power station.

From this place we went through waters and land in some place.

Through jungle .
Nilambe Oya Starting point. Uthuwankanda Rock !
A resting place .
. .
Mini falls can be seen often! .
. Leech Attacks!
. .
. .
. Not easy it seems!
Surrounding beauty .
. Struggle…
Nade gura! Another Mini waterfall
On our way- not easy Color shows the depth…
. .
. .
Ball Stone A Cave like place
Some rest…. .

After all our efforts and with 2-3 hours journey we reached the Nilambe lower waterfall.

Nilambe Lower Falls Full View
. .
He reached the top From the top
. Helping each other to reach top

The waterfall can be easily climbed even without ropes. Top of the fall is a good place to have a rest and bath. We made arrangements for cooking after reaching this place while some having the bath at natural pool.

. .
. Waiting
Ready .

After having the lunch we moved further to find the other water fall. it’s located around 200-300 meters from first waterfall.

. Here it is! Water fall 2

The second water falls is fairly big in terms of height and width. At this point my camera battery went dead. It was a nice experience. Climbing this waterfall requires a rope and little difficult. So we didn’t take a risk and decided to end the trip at this point.

We reached the Nilambe Dam road from here though the jungle. from there came back to the stating point as shown in the map.

We reached our home by 5 pm without any trouble


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