Hiking Hanthana within a Day

Year and Month 2016 September 18th
Number of Days One
Crew Five
Accommodation N/A
Transport Public transport
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking
Weather Cloudy, Rainy
Route Gelioya -> Kandy -> 4th Mile Post (Hanthana Road) -> Return – Hadbima Janapadaya -> Sarasavigama -> Peradeniya
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • Start early as possible
  • Bus to Uduwela from kandy leaves at 7 am from Kandy (Near Clock tower)
  • Last Bus to Kanduy is around 5pm from Sarasavigama
  • Carry atleast 1ltr of water per person
  • Beware of wild animals (Leopards/Wild cats are popular)
  • Path is not much clear after the 1st and 2nd
  • Leech protection may be required during rainy season
Author Ramzy

Hanthana is the most popular hiking place among University students. Normally Social Trips and Batch trips are planned to hanthana due to less travelling time. It is my long term dream to hike Hanthana.

Hanthana can be hiked from various routes;

  1. 4th Mile Post at Kandy-Uduwela (Hanthana road)
  2. Heerassagala – Amaya Hills
  3. Peradeniya University – Upper Hanthana Lodge

Sarasavigama- Hadabima janapadaya

Map - click to enlarge

The Shortest and easiest is the 4th Mile post path. So we selected the 1st option.

All of us gathered at Kandy clock tower by 6:30 and had our breakfast at nearby hotel. We lucky enough to catch the Kandy – Uduwala bus started journey at 7 am. By 7.25 am we were at 4th milepost where the trail starts.

The Clock tower of Kandy Statue of Lieutenant General Denzil Lakshman Kobbekaduwa
Dalada Veediya The Trail head – Towers at 1st and 2nd Peaks are visible.
Team at the trailhead On the way to 1st peak

From the trail head we reached our 1st peak within 30 minutes. It’s less than a kilo meter hike. There are telecommunication towers located in the first and second peaks. Also sanitary and drinking water facilities are available at these peaks as there are individuals who resides there to maintain and monitor these towers.

Towers at 1st peak – Peak 2 visible A good view
Peak 2 in the background Samasara kanda-Aranayake zoomed
Gatambe Junction – Gannoruwa road Half-way to 2nd peak
A viewing point The team-Selfie

There are good views from the first peak. We can see the Kandy city area, Peradeniya, Gatambe, teldeniya areas from this peak. Hiking the second peak won’t take much time it’s about 100 meters. The second peak also gives you an elevated views of the surrounding.

Close to 2nd peak 2nd peak
Greeny paradise. The Rock phase
To the edge of the rock The way we came
. Beautiful path
Beauty The Hanthana range

To reach the other part we have should descend along the rock and take the forest path. The path is clearly visible and not a difficult task.

Entering the forest patch Came out.
Shiny Clear path
We are following The Way back
Ratnasiri Wickramanayake Training Centre Resting time
Rest of the range Path from Upper hanthana lodge joins here
Good place for camping Police Barracks

After this point the footpath directs to the tea estate through a forest patch. at the mid of this forest patch we met some members of the University explorers club members and they directed us with the path to Katusu konda which is our final destination. The weather was challenging us very often. so we hurried up folloed the path to the top. We did see the non-other than mist on top.

. The drop
mist mist
water drops Colorful flowers
Variety .
Can you see the difference? .
Katusu kondha .
Nothing is visible

The were able to reach katusu kondha at around 2pm. Unfortunately we could see nothing due to misty weather. In few minutes its started to rain. So we rushed in to the cave located closer to Katusu kondha.

At the cave path
Somebody camped here Way to Sarasavigama… Descending

Spending some time at the cave we decided to go the the Sarasavigama at around 3 pm. With the rain and misty conditions we couldn’t find the path to Sarasavigama. However, with the help of GPS and Maps we got the navigation. Nothing is visible due to mist. There are rocky phases in the path descending through these a very dangerous. There are very slippery in the rain. So we tried alternated paths. It took around 2 hours to descend this 2 km path.

At around 5pm we reached Sarasavigama and able to catch the bus to Kandy with the help of a threewheeler. by 5:30pm we were at Peradeniya.

At the end it was a new experience and Enjoyable trip!

Thanks for reading..


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