Trekking Knuckles from Bambarella to Thangappuwa

Year and Month 2016 November 13 & 14
Number of Days Two
Crew Five
Accommodation Camping at Alugallena
Transport Public transport
Activities Scenery, Photography,Hiking, Waterfall hunting
Weather Cloudy
Author Ramzy

Bambarella to Thangappuwa is a popular trail among the knuckles trekkers. There are several attractions can be seen in this trail.

  1. Knuckles falls (near the trail head)
  2. Knuckles Mountain peaks
  3. Alugallena cave (3 Km away from main trail)
  4. Kotaganga (seven) falls

All above can be done within two days and its around 20 Km trail.

We have been to Knuckles in 2015. During that trip we were able to reach up to 3rd peak of the Knuckles despite the rainy conditions. Therefore we wanted something extra to visit during this trip. So we planned two days trip with camping at Alugallena

Starting the Journey from Bambarella Here we go
Bambarella Wildberry
Team at the trailhead Stream on the way
. Kalupahana side view
Stream Entering trail head
Trail Head Knuckles from Trail head
Knuckles falls Waterfall

We were able to reach the first peak around 2:45pm. There is a camp site at 1st peak but no water source available. The 2nd peak is just another 100 meter hike. The path is cleared upto 2nd peak only. There is a campsite in the second peak too.

Crossing a stream Knuckles Mountain
White-Cypress Hermitage Clear path
An open place Nature trail
A resting point Beautiful path
Beauty Forest path
On the way to 1st peak View
resting Lower angle snap
View from 1st peak Team at 1st peak near campsite
The Way to 2nd peak achievers
Looking back from 2nd peak Mist created beauty
Rock in the second peak Priceless
All the way we came Path to green paradise
Rock bed to have a rest .
Mist Campsite 2nd peak
Lovely path Returning

Unfortunately the mist covered everything to the meemure side. but the other side was much clear. The managing the time was the big challenge. We wanted to go Allegallena before its getting dark. We started our march to alugallena at around 3 pm. The distance to Algallena from the 2nd peak is 4.5kms. So we were on a hurry to settle in the Alugallena and we managed to reach Alugallena by 5:45pm.

an open area Knuckles is in the background
Crystal water Greeny path
FD campsite Campsite-Water source available
At Alugallena The toilet
Cooking Dinner

The challenge we faced in Alugallena is the unavailability of water. We went back more than 500 mtrs to fill water. The next day we met a trekker and who said the water available in few meters in the path to Kaikawala infront of the cave.

We made delicious food with Instant precooked curries. We had rice and curry for the dinner. Prepared Porridge for Breakfast.

Breakfast For the Lunch
Milo Alugallena
Alugallena Bottom-top view
Cook in process Rock of Alugallena

You don’t need a tent to camp in Alugallena. It’s an ideal camping spot. The plan for the next day is Kotaganga falls and Thangappuwa. We didn’t have a guide so we were not sure about route to the Kotaganga falls. We started the day with prayers and after taking the breakfast we began the 2nd day journey at around 8:15 am.

Rock of Alugallena .
Beautiful track The Junction – Left to Knuckles Right to Alugallena
Another open area Different types of plants
In to the Kotaganga plain Kotaganga plain
Another camping site Towards kotaganga falls
Kotaganga Plains .
Another stair falls but no water Waterfall
Kotaganga Village
Kotaganga 2nd fall 2nd fall
1st from top 1st fall
1st to 2nd .
On the edge The view
Cheering Rainbows
Top of 1st fall Top of first
With water Top to bottom view
. The upper side
. .
Tourists The team

After spending sometime at the top and taking the lunch we packed up things to move towards thangappuwa at around 1pm. We walked along the stream to reach the thangappuwa path

. Don’t try during rainy days
Some cover from shadow Back in track
Scary? Covered path
Close to thangappuwa Beautiful view
Corbets gap - Dothalugala Thangappuwa village
Zoomed out Photography
At thangappuwa

We reached thangappuwa around 2:30 pm. We went to the bus stand and had meals near by shop. The shop owner showed us their Cardamom reating/heating point. These cardamom are from Knuckles and they are in best quality. We purchased cardamom from them.

Cardomom Treatment
Drying trays Road towards corbets gap

The bus to teldeniya from thangappuwa started journey at 4pm. it took more than 1 hour to reach Teldeniya. From there we took Bus to Kandy and reached our homes. It was one of our best camping trips.

Thanks for reading..

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