Exploring Waterfalls of Agra Oya (Elgin Falls)

Year and Month 2017 May 01
Number of Days One
Crew 6 (Aged 25-35)
Accommodation N/A
Transport Motor Bikes
Activities Scenery, Photography, Hiking, Waterfall Hunting
Weather Cloudy
Route Mawanella -> Peradeniya -> Gampola -> Nuwara-Eliya -> Ambewela -> Elgin Falls -> Return via same route
Tips, Notes and Special remark
  • Start early as possible
  • Ask directions from locals
  • Do not try during rainy season
  • Carry water for drinking purposes
  • Path to the falls is not clear at the beginning.
  • Be Responsible Traveler and protect environment.
Author Ramzy

Elgin falls is a 25m waterfall located in Ambewela. Agra oya starts from Black pool and creates three waterfalls. Waterfall is visible to the Badulla railway track

Waterfalls can be reached through the forest path. Path is not clear at the starting point. We followed the path with the help of GPS. Some parts of the main trail are closed and have to use alternate route. There are no frequent visitors to the waterfall. There is a water project going on at the latter part of the Elgin falls and workers use some other routes to go to Ambewela.


We reached Ambewela at 9:30 am and started walking along the railway track. After walking around 2 km in the track we came to the trail head. (3.5 Km from Ambewela railway station). The path start to the left side of the track. the path goes in to the jungle and the path is not much visible after entering the jungle for first 500 meters. The path goes through a small open area and goes directly to the Agra Oya.

We continued our journey crossing the Agra Oya. We used a small short route to reach Fall no.1. This is very steep and needs a team support.

A small foot path continues from the top of the Elgin falls (2) which ends at the bottom of Fall no.3. We followed this route and path is clear to the end. We thought this is the route to fall no 2.

We later realized that we are at fall 3 and not on 2. There is no by routes/path to reach the fall no 2 from the main path. So we created path clearing the identified route to easily access the top of the 3rd waterfall.

This waterfall is the best among three. There is a place to place tent and camp. but not during rainy period. With these achievements we decided to return in the same route we came.

We came back to the place where we parked our bikes at around 3:30 pm. Our next plan is to go to Leopard rock but we decided to return home considering the time limitations.

At the end it was a great trip exploring all major waterfalls in the Agra oya.

Thanks for reading….


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